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Enforcing a Default User Based Component Policy by Computer instead of by Users Technical Level

The "Rule Types for Each Endpoint Security component" table shows if the Policy for each Endpoint Security Component/Blade is enforced for each User, or each Computer (the Rule Type),  by default. The table also shows that you can define a Connected Policy, Disconnected Policy and or Restricted Policy for each Endpoint Security Component/Blade.

NOTE - Software Deployment Rules are defined and only apply to Computers, not Users.

Refer to Rule Types for Each Endpoint Security component

If you would like to enforce a Default User Based Component (aka Blade or Policy) by Computer (aka Machine, Client Machine or Server) instead of by Users, you can create a Computers Group (Virtual Group that only houses Computers/Machines). You can create this by following the following process:

  1. Log into the Smart Endpoint Console to you Endpoint Management Server.
  2. Navigate to: Users and Computers >> Virtual Groups (double click on Virtual Groups)
  3. Right click on Virtual Groups and select New Virtual Group
  4. Choose to create a Computers Group, give it a name, select next and click on Finish
  5. You can now right click on the Computers Group you just created, select Add Content To Virtual Group and select the computers, machine and or servers you want in the Computers Virtual Group
  6. Save your changes

You can now assign this Computers Group to a Policy/Rule Set, so it will now follow the computers,machines and or servers instead of Users.

Make sure to Save and Install Policy so these changes are pulled down by your Endpoint Clients.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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