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Policy Installation fails with "Operation failed, install/uninstall has been improperly terminated" error Technical Level
  • Policy Installation fails with the "Operation failed, install/uninstall has been improperly terminated" error.

  • Policy installation fails if a VPN community has a null value for a Gateway under participant_gateway.

    When executing the following command, the below error is seen: # LINKS_C_DIR=/tmp TDERROR_ALL_ALL=5 $FWDIR/bin/fw_loader load $FWDIR/conf/policyname.W gwname

    [FW_LOADER ...]@Host[DATE TIME] get_community_based_domain_forRA: tmpobj - gw1
    [FW_LOADER ...]@Host[DATE TIME] get_community_based_domain_from_RA_community: tmpobj is gw1, pParticipantGateway is (null)

  • When running loader with GDB:
    "Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    0xf61a7a68 in strcmp () from /lib/"

The value of pParticipantGateway is null causing fw_loader to crash.

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