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R80.30 CPInfo does not show the correct information Technical Level
  • In some scenarios, R80.30 CPInfo tool does not show/collect the correct information after Jumbo Hotfix installation.

The CPInfo package installed on the system has wrong configuration flavor.


To verify that this issue exists:

  1. Check that you run the relevant version. To do so, from the Expert shell:

    On the Security gateway, run: [Expert@Host]# fw ver
    The output should be: This is Check Point's software version R80.30 

    On the Security Management server, run: [Expert@Host]# fwm ver
    The output should be: This is Check Point Security Management Server R80.30 

  2. Check the CPInfo Configuration. To do so, from the Expert shell, run:

    [Expert@Host]# cpvinfo $INFODIR/bin/cpinfo

    If you see in configuration: Configuration = linux30/release.static

    Then you are affected and have to remove current and install the correct CPInfo package for your system.

    Also, if you run the following command, Jumbo Take numbers will be missing:

    [Expert@Host]# cpinfo -y all
    This is Check Point CPinfo Build <build number> for GAIA

    No hotfixes..
    No hotfixes..

This problem was fixed. The fix is included in:


Also, as a workaround, remove the existing CPInfo. To do so:

  1.  Run:  # rpm -e CPinfo-10-00.i386

    The output should be: Check Point CPinfo uninstall complete

  2. Download the correct version of CPInfo from sk92739 - The CPInfo utility  -> "First Time Installation Instructions and Downloads" -> "For Gaia (using Legacy CLI) / SecurePlatform / Linux" section:

    1. Download "CPInfo for Gaia" for R80.x Versions.
    2. Copy tgz file to target machine.
    3. Open tgz file: "tar -zxvf cpinfo_<build number>.tgz"
    4. Install the CPInfo rpm: "rpm -iv CPinfo-10-00.i386.rpm"
    5. Verify that now cpinfo is able to show Jumbo Hotfix installed takes
    6. Run [Expert@Host]# cpinfo -y all 

      This is Check Point CPinfo Build <build number> for GAIA
      No hotfixes..
      HOTFIX_R80_30_JUMBO_HF_MAIN Take: 50

      No hotfixes..
      HOTFIX_R80_30_JUMBO_HF_MAIN Take: 50

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