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ClusterXL Load Sharing mode in R80.20 and higher Technical Level

Support for the ClusterXL Load Sharing Modes

ClusterXL Load Sharing modes are available in R80.20 and higher, as follows:

Version Required Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator
R80.40, R81, and higher Integrated
R80.30 kernel 2.6.18/3.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 76 and higher
R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 117 and higher

Important Notes:

  • See sk101539 for information about the support of ClusterXL in Load Sharing mode for the IPSec VPN Software Blade (supported starting in R81.10).
  • On R80.20 and R80.30, you must install the required Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator on each cluster member and on the Management Server that manages this cluster.
  • In versions R80.20, R80.30, and R80.40, you must permanently set the value of the kernel parameter ccl_force_sticky parameter to 1 on all cluster members (starting in R81, this parameter is not applicable - its value must remain 0).
    The default value of this kernel parameter is 1 in:
    • R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 26 and higher
    • R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 169 and higher
    • R80.20 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 146 and higher


Enabling the support for the ClusterXL Load Sharing mode on the Management Server

  1. Configure the required environment variable on the SmartConsole Client Computer:

    1. Press the Windows+R keys.
    2. Enter sysdm.cpl and press Enter (or click OK).
    3. The System Properties window opens.
    4. Go to the Advanced tab.
    5. At the bottom, click Environment Variables.
    6. In the System variables section, click New.
    7. In the Variable name field, paste this string: ENABLE_CLUSTER_LOAD_SHARING_R80_20
      Note: Exactly the same variable is used for versions R80.20 and higher.
    8. In the Variable value field, enter the digit 1.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Optional: Restart your computer.

  2. Configure the required environment variable on the Management Server:

    1. Edit the file:
      • On a Security Management Server:
        vi $FWDIR/scripts/
      • On a Multi-Domain Security Management Server:
        vi $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/
    2. Go to the end of the file and find the last line:
      exec $JAVA_HOME/bin/java ...
    3. Above that last line add this new line:
    4. Save the changes in the script and exit the editor
    5. Restart the Check Point services:
      cpstop ; cpstart


Known Limitations

ID Symptom Reported in
PMTR-48976 Multicast Address on a cluster interface (in ClusterXL Load Sharing mode) does not change to the User-Defined value after a policy installation. R80.40

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