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ClusterXL failover due to multiple pnotes on VSX cluster Technical Level
  • Cluster failover seems to be constantly happening for VSX clusters every few seconds / minutes.
  • Cluster failover on VSLS clusters although the issue may not be noticeable due to automatic recovery after a few seconds.
  • External monitoring system (SNMP server for instance) gets multiple alerts regarding cluster failover, although service does not seem to be impacted.
  • Logs from fwk.elg at the Virtual System level show multiple different pnotes as the cause of the issue ('VSX', 'routed', 'sync').
  • Cluster debugs (fw ctl debug -m cluster + stat pnote ccp conf) show the pnote messages and transitions but no clear indication of the root cause.

ClusterXL ccp mode 'multicast' is not fully supported by network devices.

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