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Resource Control in VSX R80.30 with kernel 3.10 and in VSX R80.40 and higher Technical Level

In VSX Gateways with Gaia kernel 2.6.18, you can monitor the CPU consumption with the Resource Control feature - the command "fw vsx resctrl stat".

In VSX Gateways R80.30 with Gaia kernel 3.10, the Resource Control is not supported (see sk170323).

In VSX Gateways R80.40 and higher, you can monitor the CPU consumption in the CPView utility (see sk101878):

  1. Connect to the command line on the VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster Member.

  2. Go to the context of the Virtual System 0:

    • In the Expert mode: vsenv
    • In Gaia Clish: set virtual-system 0
  3. Start the CPView utility. Run:


  4. At the top, click Advanced > VSX > VSs > Physical-Resources.



    • This tab shows the CPU consumption by Virtual Systems and by Virtual Routers.

    • The CPView utility uses the "Control Groups (cgroups)" API provided by the Linux operating system (for example, see

    • The "CPU %" column shows the percentage of CPU used by all the processes of each Virtual System. The column shows a percentage of a single CPU (the same behavior as in the "top" command).


      • There are 4 CPU cores on the VSX Gateway.

      • The processes of the Virtual System "VS1" are using:

        30% of CPU 0

        40% of CPU 1

        50% of CPU 2

        10% of CPU 3

      In such case, the "CPU %" column shows 130% for VS1.

    • To get the CPU usage for the VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster Member, divide the "CPU %" value in the Total Resource Consumption section by the number of the CPU cores.

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