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Configure a system as an external source for compliance findings in CloudGuard Dome9

You can configure a system as  a source for compliance findings for Dome9. The findings will appear on the Dome9 Alerts page, labelled as external findings (with source 'Tenable').

The Tenable system is configured in Dome9 as an API Key, for an account on Tenable. Dome9 fetches findings from the Tenable system and correlates them with the cloud accounts and entities in the current Dome9 account. Findings for entities that correlate to entities known to Dome9 are imported to Dome9, while the others are ignored.

Configure the Tenable system in Dome9

To configure the Tenable system in Dome9, you will need an API Key and Secret for your account in Tenable.

  1. In the Dome9 web application, navigate to the Account Settings page in the Administration menu.
  2. Select the Authentication tab.
  3. In the Tenable section, enter the Tenable API Key and Secret.

View findings from Tenant on Dome9

Findings from the Tenant system appear as findings in the Alerts page.

Navigate to the Alerts page in the Administration menu.

In the filter pane (on the left), select Tenable in the Source section. Select the time period for the alerts to be displayed (upper right).

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