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CloudGuard Edge Known Limitations - R77.20.87 Technical Level

This article lists all Known Limitations for CloudGuard Edge.

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Important Notes

  • All limitations for R77.20.87 Small and Medium Business Appliances also apply to CloudGuard Edge.
  • All limitations for Bridge Mode on R77.20.87 Small and Medium Business Appliances also apply to CloudGuard Edge.
  • To get a fix for an issue listed below, Contact Check Point Support with the issue ID.
  • To see if an issue has been fixed in other releases, search for the issue ID in the Support Center.
  • For more information on CloudGuard Edge, refer to sk161272: CloudGuard Edge Home Page. You can also visit the Check Point CheckMates discussion forums to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support.

Known Limitations

ID Description

When the user connects with Telnet to the VNF from CloudGuard Edge and then presses the ENTER key, it will be regarded as a "double" ENTER (this will happen every time the user presses the ENTER key).  


Changes to the Security VNF while deployed in the VCO will result in a redeployment of the VNF.

SMB-9382 All created VNFs use the same MAC address. 
- VNF configuration cannot be changed. 
SMB-9288 In rare scenarios, policy installation of CloudGuard Edge fails when using 1 GB RAM.
The following features are not supported:  VTI, Email Security and Anti-Spam.
The following features are not supported in Layer 2 deployments only:  Dynamic Routing, NAT.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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