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Firmware Packages for Scalable Platforms 40000 / 60000 Technical Level


Firmware images for Scalable Platform Appliances are available for download separately from the version in the form of an RPM package. You can install the package with R76SP.50, R80.20SP, or R81.10.

The complete list of Firmware can be found sk93332 


Build # Release Date File Download Firmware Versions
10 May 30 2021 sp_firmwares-1-10.i386.rpm


  • SSM160
    • 2.4.C21.8.migrate
    • 5.5.R1.6.CP
  • SSM440 - 5.5.R5.7.CP


  • 61K N+1 / 41K - 3.70-rev6.1 (SM_update.tar)
  • 61K N+N / 44K / 64K
    • 3.40-rev6.1 (SM700_update.tar)
    • 3.70-rev6 (SM700CC_update.tar)

SGM:  All firmware files as in sk93332.

RPM Installation Instructions

  1. Copy the RPM file to the SMO via SCP to the /var/log directory.
  2. Copy the RPM to all SGMs:
    # asg_cp2blades /var/log/<FILE_NAME>
  3. Install the RPM on all SGMs: 
    # gexec -b all -a -c "rpm -Uv /var/log/<FILE_NAME>"
  4. Verify that the RPM was installed on all members:
    # gexec -b all -c "rpm -qa | grep sp_firmwares"
  5. Follow the instructions to install the relevant firmware according to the device type (SSM / CMM / SGM) and the Gateway version installed on the Security Group.

Note: Starting from R80.20SP, the firmware is located in $SMODIR/conf/hw_firmware after the RPM package is installed

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