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CloudGuard Edge Technical Level

CloudGuard Edge

This article describes all platforms on which CloudGuard Edge is supported and will be updated as more platforms are added.


CloudGuard Edge securely connects your Branch Office to the Cloud.

Connecting branches directly to the cloud significantly increases security risks. Branches need protection against sophisticated Gen V cyber attacks. CloudGuard Edge protects branch offices on-premise with top-rated Threat Prevention, which can be deployed in minutes and managed by a unified threat prevention and access platform.

For enterprises that require on-premise branch office security for data privacy, compliance, or location requirements, CloudGuard Edge can run as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) aka Virtual Machine (VM) on SD-WAN, Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE) devices, and other hypervisor platforms.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure: Top-rated threat prevention with 100% cyber attack catch rate
  • Flexible: Five minutes to protect your SD-WAN on-premise
  • Efficient: Unified security architecture reduces OpEx costs by up to 40% and CapEx by 20%

General Documentation for CloudGuard Edge 

User Guides
Check Point 1400 Appliances Centrally Managed R77.20.87 Administration Guide
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Supported Platforms

This table will be updated as more platforms are supported for CloudGuard Edge.  

Partner CloudGuard Edge Version Updated On Link to Article
R80.20.05  4 Oct 2020

CloudGuard Edge for VeloCloud

R77.20.87 31 Dec 2019 

CloudGuard Edge for ENCS

Versa Logo R77.20.87 30 March 2020 CloudGuard Edge for Versa
Citrix Logo R77.20.87 15 May 2020 CloudGuard Edge for Citrix
 R80.20.10 14 October 2020 CloudGuard Edge for Aryaka
KVM Logo R80.20.05 26 July  2020 CloudGuard Edge for ESXi and KVM
KVM Logo R80.20.05 26 July  2020
Applies To:
  • SDWan
  • KVM
  • uCPE

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