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Traffic is dropped on Azure servers during maintenance Technical Level
  • Traffic is dropped on Azure servers due to inconsistency in the SIM interfaces table:

    ;7916;[cpu_0];[SIM-208738208];handle_packet_do: invalid interface -1, conn: >,8116,,8116,17<;
  • In a cluster environment, CCPs are not received, which leads to flapping between the members.

    kernel: [fw4_1];CLUS-210300-2: Remote member 1 (state ACTIVE < DOWN) | Reason: Interface is down (Cluster Control Protocol packets are not received)
    kernel: [fw4_1];CLUS-114704-2: State change: STANDBY -< ACTIVE | Reason: No other ACTIVE members have been found in the cluster

As part of the maintenance on the Azure server, virtual functions (VF) are removed and restored (interfaces enP1s02 and enp2s02).

Due to a bug, the wrong interface was removed from the SIM table, which leads to an outage.

You can check this by running the 'sim if' command: eth0 will be missing from the output.

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