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HTTP traffic is blocked with "parameters are undecodable in request" Technical Level
  • HTTP traffic is blocked with these errors:

    • HTTP parsing error occurred (2)
    • parameters are undecodable in request
  • The kernel debug (WS all) shows:

    ws_http_process_http_parsing_error: Calling signature pe to process general parser event PARSING_ERROR;
    ws_http_process_http_parsing_error: *protection_scheme->extended_values[E_WS_PROTECT_ID_SIGNATURE] 0x17ffef341;
    ws_http_session_msg_read: found msg id 13;
    ws_signature_pe_general_parser_event_cb: precise error for session ffffc20029ef5030 is: parameters are undecodable in request;
  • In rare cases, HTTP traffic latency is observed.

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