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CMA status is flapping from Started to Stopped Technical Level
  • CMA status in SmartDomain Manager is flapping from Started to Stopped. Flapping is random and does not seem to have any specific triggers.
    In the below example the status changes occurred within minutes:


  • SmartConsole for this CMA may be inaccessible at times.

  • Multi-Domain Server is in HA setup, and flapping is observed for both Active and Standby CMA.

  • Removing CMA cache, resetting SIC, installing database, re-synchronizing the CMA does not resolve the issue.


FWM process on one Multi-Domain Management Server is unable to establish stable communication with the FWM on the H/A peer, the processes are not receiving response from each other in time. The scenario may be verified by stopping services (# mdsstop) on MDS 2, after that there is no more flapping on MDS 1. The state of the Primary CMA remain Started and does not change.

One or more internal settings on the Secondary CMA are corrupted, either due to errors during the creation process, or corruption that occurred later on. In the above example the CMA did not seem to have a valid certificate and properly initiated SIC - even though it was possible to reset and re-initiate SIC.

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