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1500 Series Security Gateways

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  • Overview 
  • Key Features - Hardware
  • Key Features - Software
  • 1590 Enhanced WiFi - Features and Capabilities
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  • Known Limitations
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Overview of 1500 Series Security Gateways   

Check Point's Small and Medium Business Appliances are high performance, integrated devices offering Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus, Application Control, URL Filtering, Email Security, and SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, all in compact form factors that are simple to configure and manage.

Advanced Security, Uncompromising Performance

Check Point's 1500 Series Security Gateways are now available. The 1530 / 1550 and 1590 appliances include, respectively, six (6) 1-Gigabit or ten (10) Ethernet ports, and are available in Wired, WiFi flavors.

The 1500 Security Gateways deliver enterprise-grade security in a series of simple and affordable, all-in-one security solutions to protect small and medium business employees, networks, and data from cyber theft.

1500 Security Gateways offer integrated, multi-layered security in a compact desktop form factor. Setup can be done in minutes using pre-defined security policies and our step-by-step configuration wizard. 1500 Security Gateways are conveniently manageable locally via a Web interface, centrally by the Check Point Security Management Portal (vSMP), or centrally by Check Point's central management systems: SmartConsole, MDM, LSM (Future), Maas (Future).

Comprehensive Protection 

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Application Control and Web Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Spam
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation (sandboxing)
  • Device Recognition
  • Email Inspection

Key Features - Hardware 

1530 / 1550 Security Gateway

  • Wired and WiFi flavors
  • 5x1GbE LAN, 1x1GbE WAN
  • New look and feel, slim fanless design, plastic based
  • Front panel LEDs indication (4 LEDs)
  • Power button
  • Dual band non-concurrent 3x3 WiFi
  • USB Type-C console port
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • NGTX performance - 450 Mbps (CPEnt)

1590 Security Gateway

  • Wired WiFi flavors
  • 8x1GbE LAN, 1x1GbE WAN ports, 1x1GbE / SFP DMZ ports
  • Dual band concurrent 802.11ac wave II 4x4 WiFi (see below for 1590 Enhanced WiFi capabilities)
  • New look and feel, lightweight, fanless, Aluminum-based design
  • Front panel LEDs indication (4/5 LEDs)
  • USB Type-C console port
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • SD Card support
  • NGTX performance - 660 Mbps (CPEnt)

Key Features - Software

SMB Next Generation Appliances are R80 code aligned, increasing performance and bringing cutting edge enterprise grade security to your small and medium size business.

Centrally and locally managed enhancements

  • Automatic Device recognition and discovery
  • Multicore VPN and VPN acceleration
  • Additional ciphers support for HTTPS Inspection (see sk104562)
  • WatchTower application enhanced features

Centrally managed enhancements (will be available in the R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix and R80.40 Security Management Server releases)

  • Policy layers and sub-policy support for centrally managed mode   
  • Unified access policy support for centrally managed mode (Firewall, Application Control, and URL Filtering) 
  • Unified Threat Prevention policy (IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, and Threat Emulation Software Blade policies) 
  • Acceleration of Domain Objects, Dynamic Objects, and Time Objects for centrally managed mode
  • Wildcard network object in Access Control that represents a series of IP addresses that are not sequential

Locally managed enhancements

  • New Threat Prevention blade control: Unified Threat Prevention policy, easy and intuitive to set and control.
  • New SSL inspection enforcement: Simultaneously support light SSL and Full SSL inspection
  • Improved High Availability mechanism
  • WiFi Monitoring - wireless active devices: Track connected devices, signal strength, channel used, and more
  • WiFi Monitoring - Access point: Monitor your WiFi environment to identify congested channels, frequency used, and signal strength

1590 Enhanced WiFi - Features and Capabilities

1590 Gateways utilize cutting-edge 802.11ac Wave 2 technology, which introduces several major updates in Wi-Fi components. The most significant is a new feature called Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), a radical new technology that supports higher density deployments by servicing multiple endpoint devices concurrently.

In addition, several channel bonding improvements enhance overall throughput by utilizing wider portions of the 5GHz band, as well as enabling more flexible use of the spectrum. Compared with 802.11ac Wave 1, 802.11ac Wave 2 provides higher user access capabilities, a more flexible bandwidth combination, and a higher throughput.

1590 Gateways include enhanced 4X4 WiFi design. 

  WiFi Capabilities Wave 2 Enhancements: 1470/1490 vs. 1590:

Feature 802.11n

802.11ac Wave 1


802.11ac Wave 2


MU-MIMO Not Supported Not Supported  Supported 
Adjacent Channel Bonding 40MHz 80MHz  160MHz 
Channel width 20MHz, 40MHz Supported Supported  Supported
Channel width 80MHz Not Supported Supported Supported
Channel width 80MHz + 80MHz And 160Mhz  Not Supported Not Supported  Supported
Non-Adjacent Channel Bond Not Supported Not Supported  Supported:
80MHz + 80MHz
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Implicit Feedback Beamforming Not Supported Not Supported  Supported
Explicit Feedback Beamforming Not Supported  Not Supported  Supported
Operating Band MIMO Spatial  2.4Ghz & 5GHz 5GHz 5GHz
Streams  3 streams  3 streams  4 streams
Modulation 64 QAM  56 QAM 256 QAM
MIMO Type Single User (SU)  Single User (SU) Multi User (MU)
Antenna gain 3dbi 3dbi 5dbi 
MCS Support MCS7  MCS7 MCS9

Additional Information about 1590 Enhanced WiFi - Features and Capabilities:

  • 1530 / 1550 – 4 (2.4GHz)
  • 1590 – 4 (2.4GHz)+ 4 (5GHz)
Concurrent users
1530 / 1550 (dual band non-concurrent):
  • Max clients @2.4GHz - 60
  • Max clients @5GHz - 70
1590 (dual band concurrent)
  • Max clients @2.4GHz - 120
  • Max clients @5GHz - 120


Refer to sk97766: Check Point 600 / 700 / 910 / 1100 / 1200R / 1400 / 1500 SMB Appliances.


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Known Limitations

For Known Limitations, refer to sk159173: R80.20 for Small and Medium Business Appliances.

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