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"Server is not responding. Please try to reconnect later" error when trying to login to SmartEvent GUI Technical Level
  • When connecting to SmartEvent GUI the following error will appear: "Server is not responding. Please try to reconnect later".
  • Using "netstat" command it can be seen that port number 1025 still being used by Automatic reaction script even though cpsemd process has crashed.

An event is configured to call the automatic reaction script, but the script do not complete and does not return a value. This happenes after process cpsemd has crashed on thread starving.   

After the process stops working, the script still occupied cpsemd port 1025 used to connect to fwm.

When the CP watchdog re-launch cpsemd it tries to increment the port, while fwm that is not informed that the port was changed still try to connect to port 1025.

This causes the GUI not to connect.

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