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Authentication failure when creating an AWS datacenter object even though credentials are valid Technical Level
  • Creating an AWS Datacenter object in SmartConsole fails because of an Authentication failure even when a proper key has been provided.
  • After a short period, AWS Datacenter objects are not populated in SmartConsole and the Security Gateway.
  • Cloud_proxy.elg shows the following error:
    30/05/19 13:32:59,047 ERROR [qtp-1632840908-32]: Command failed:
      ProcessBuilder= [/opt/CPsuite-R80.20/fw1/Python/bin/python, /opt/CPvsec-R80.20/scripts/aws/, --max-time, 60, ca-central-1, -t]
      errCode= 1
      processTimeoutSeconds= 180
      processDurationSeconds= 0
      Process Output String= AuthenticationProblem
      Process Error String= Time difference is 0:18:32.959855
    Your system clock is not accurate, please set up NTP

A time shift was detected in the Management station. As a result, authentication failed. 

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