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"The policy for the selected blades cannot be installed on Gateway 'LSM-Profile'" when installing a Threat Prevention policy on an LSM profile Technical Level
  • Threat Prevention policy installation from SmartConsole on an LSM profile fails with the following error: "The policy for the selected blades cannot be installed on Gateway 'LSM-Profile'".

  • "Unknow CPRID Error #-1" error appears in the SmartProvisioning window after the Threat Prevention policy installation fails.
  • Connecting to the SMB device Gaia Portal WebUI shows that Threat Prevention Blades (IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot) are turned on.
  • In the same scenario, the regular Access Control policy installs successfully.
  • When both Access Control and Threat Prevention are installed, SmartConsole shoes that Access Control is installed, but not Threat Prevention.
  • Debug on the Management side:
    [Expert@MGMT]# fwm load -p threatprevention shows
    Installing policy on Antimalware compatible targets:
    Compiled OK.
    Compiled OK.
    Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus Policy installed successfully on ...
    Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus Policy installation complete
    Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus Policy installation succeeded for:
  • Output of # fw stat -b AMW from an SMB appliace shows that the blades are disabled.
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