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"IPS update failed" error is received when trying to update IPS Technical Level
  • IPS update fails with "IPS update failed", both for manual and for scheduled updates.
  • When trying to update IPS via SmartConsole or Security Management server option, IPS update keeps failing.
  • Reverting to an earlier IPS revision does not solve the issue.
  • Following error is seen in the $FWDIR/log/cpm.elg file:
    ERROR coresvc.internal.FwmSvcImpl [qtp1214065357-1743]: Original exception. Failed to deserialize object (CVE_2017_8601_ext
    03/11/17 06:31:13,980 ERROR infrastructure.logging.DefaultExceptionLoggerHandlerImpl [qtp1214065357-1743]: incident [5d93d69e-e159-40c2-aa39-52854eef77c4]: com.checkpoint.infrastructure.utils.runtime.CpAssertionError: Failed to deserialize object null.
    03/11/17 06:31:16,359 ERROR management.threat.IpsUpdateManager [taskExecutor-5]: SDUU Failed. exit code = 5

There is a missing signature.

There is an object that is not in the database.

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