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CloudGuard Dome9 Knowledge Base Technical Level


Here is a list of articles in the SecureKnowledge repository that explain some CloudGuard Dome9 use-cases and typical how-to questions.

Using the REST API

Create and Manage Exclusions using the CloudGuard Dome9 REST API

Onboard an Azure account using the CloudGuard Dome9 API

Onboard a Google Cloud Platform subscription using the CloudGuard Dome9 API

Attach a Security Group to an Instance using the CloudGuard Dome9 API

Retrieve & Search Findings

Use the CloudGuard Dome9 API to setup Roles and Permissions for an account

Onboard an AWS account to CloudGuard Dome9 using the REST API

Create a new compliance ruleset and run an assessment with it

Use the CloudGuard Dome9 REST API to send findings to Dome9 from an external system

Use the Dome9 MSP REST API

Use the Dome9 REST API to obtain Compliance Assessment Trends

Network Security

How do I see peered security groups?

Cannot view Dome9 Alerts & Findings

Enable GuardDuty in AWS

Create a Destination Log Group for VPC Flow Logs in AWS

Create a Dynamic Access Group

Create a Flow Log for VPC or Subnet in AWS

Create an IAM Role for VPC Flow Logs

AWS VPC Flow Log Limitations

Clarity Visualization

Understanding Clarity Views

View VPC Flow Logs in Clarity

Convert Dome9 AWS Account Connection from IAM User to Cross Account Role


Enhanced Alerts are here! Q&A

Configure Dome9 as an AWS Security Hub provider

Configure CloudGuard Dome9 as a source for the Google Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC)

How to configure PagerDuty with Dome9

Customize Dome9 Compliance Dashboard

Create Custom GSL rule using the Rule Builder

AWS Element: IAM Policy

Custom Rules - GSL Reference

Use Dome9 in the CI/CD pipeline

The CloudGuard Dome9 Circuit Breaker for misconfigured Notification Policies



Configure Splunk as a Log system for CloudGuard Dome9

Configure CloudGuard Dome9 to send events to Slack using SNS

Integrating Sumo Logic with Dome9

How to create an SNS Subscription

CloudGuard Dome9 SNS Events Integration

How to configure a non-standard SSH port

Integrate Azure Active Directory with CloudGuard Dome9

Configure a system as an external source for compliance findings in CloudGuard Dome9

Alerts & Notifications

Configure email notifications for CloudGuard Dome9 events

Alerts and Notifications



Create a user account in the Check Point BEYOND support system

Create a Service Request in the Check Point BEYOND Support System

Add Custom Role for CloudGuard Dome9 team members

Change CloudGuard Dome9 Account Password

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication in CloudGuard Dome9

Create CloudGuard Dome9 API Key

Configuring CloudGuard Dome9 Access for Team Members


CloudGuard Dome9 system was unable to retrieve GuardDuty findings due to permissions

CloudGuard Dome9 AWS Onboarding Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting AWS Permissions problems

Troubleshooting: AWS Cloud Account Errors

Troubleshooting: Account is already protected by CloudGuard Dome9

Troubleshooting: AWS API key is missing permission

Troubleshooting: You are not subscribed to this service

What is my Pairing Key and where can I find it?

Admin port exposed - Alert example

Troubleshooting the onboarding of Kubernetes clusters to CloudGuard Dome9

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