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Acceleration Card (AC) diagnostics - accelerated traffic view (CPView)

This article describes how to diagnose the Acceleration Card (AC) acceleration impact on traffic/connections distribution and CPU usage via the diagnostics tools (CPView)

The CPView utility is available on all Security gateways and is easily run with the "cpview" command. Statistics are refreshed every 2 sec

Viewing the Acceleration Card Type

General system information, AC type, slot, etc.

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview 
  2. Go to SysInfo tab
  3. Under the 'Hardware information' table, you can view the AC slot and type (under 'Falcon')

Viewing traffic distribution between components

Traffic distribution on the components interfaces (inbound, outbound, connections, etc.)

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview
  2. Go to Network ->Traffic tab
  3. Under the Traffic Rate table, view the traffic distribution in the Outbound bits/sec column:

Note: This is the incoming/outgoing traffic on the interfaces. In order to see the workload distribution between the different paths and components view the next item

Traffic distribution to paths

To see the distributiontraffic as it was handled by the different paths run the command 'fwaccel stats -t'


  1. F2F TPUT/Total 
  2. F2V TPUT/Total
  3. Medium path TPUT/Total 
  4. TPUT handled by the AC 
    • Inline - AC TPUT/Total 
    • Buffer path - AC Buffer path/AC TPUT

Viewing connections distribution between paths

Traffic and connections information on the system (inbound, outbound, connections, etc.)
By paths we can view: Slow (fw), Medium (Host streaming), Fast (Host SXL, Falcon SXL/Streaming)

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview
  2. Go to Network -> Traffic tab 
  3. Under the 'Concurrent Connections' table, you can view all connections distribution between paths.
    View the 'Connections' column:

Viewing host CPU usage

Host CPU usage status on all cores (user space, system, idle, etc.)

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview
  2. go to CPU -> Overview -> Host tab
  3. Under the table CPU you can view all cores idle % (under Idle column)

Viewing Acceleration Card NPU usage

For further drill down you can view the NPU usage on all cores (per card)

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview 
  2. Go to CPU -> Overview -> Falcon -<number> tab
  3. Under the NPU table, you can view all cores used % (under Used column)

Viewing accelerated traffic distribution between components

Relevant only to accelerated traffic/connections on the host and the Acceleration Card (AC) (side by side per card)

  1. On the Security gateway, run: cpview
  2. Go to Advance -> SecureXL -> Side-by-Side tab
  3. View the 'Outbound bits/sec' and Concurrent connections' lines for the host (SND) and the AC components (Falcon-<number>)

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