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R80.30 SmartConsole Releases

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Availability
  • List of Resolved issues per Build
  • Installation Instructions
  • Revision History
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R80.30 SmartConsole releases accumulate GUI client fixes for R80.30.

The below list describes each resolved issue and provides the Build number, in which the fix was included. All resolved issues are included in the Incremental SmartConsole Build starting from the Build number listed in this table (inclusive). In addition, you can find the date when the Build was published.

Unless stated otherwise, every R80.30 SmartConsole Build in this article including R80.30 GA SmartConsole build can be used as a GUI client for each R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Take and for R80.30 General Availability.

The Incremental SmartConsole Builds table and this article are periodically updated.


  • General Availability Build

    Build Date SmartConsole package
    08 14 August 2019 (EXE)

    For R80.30 Portable SmartConsole, refer to sk116158.

List of Resolved issues per Build

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ID Description
SmartConsole - General Availability Build 08 (14 August 2019)
All network objects and services objects are locked when opening the Firewall or Access Zone policies in SmartEndpoint.
Users might be unable to edit devices names or other properties in Media Encryption policy when said device is in a device group.
Sessions disconnect while discarding changes.
Cannot open SmartUpdate, SmartProvisioning, SmartEndpoint when SmartConsole path contains '#'.
Links from the Threat Prevention log cards lead to the old Threat Wiki and not to the Threat Portal.
Refer to sk151772
On Windows 10 with .Net framework 4.8, the view is not properly updated after scrolling up or down the name column in lists, combo box, pickers etc.
German keyboards print wrong characters. The key press event is manipulated in the code and as a result the output is wrong in German.


Installation instructions


  • Show / Hide instructions for Manual SmartConsole clients installation

    Note: uninstall prior SmartConsole clients Build before installing the new one.
    • To install the SmartConsole clients on Windows platforms:

      1. Download the SmartConsole application build package from the table above.

      2. Run the SmartConsole executable.

      3. Continue with the instructions on the screen.

    To install SmartConsole silently, perform:

    1. Download the SmartConsole application package from the table above and extract it into temporary folder, for example C:\TEMP-SC

    2. Go to this temporary folder: cd C:\TEMP-SC

    3. For silent installation, run: C:\TEMP-SC\SmartConsole.exe /s
      Note: SmartConsole will be installed into its default location.

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Revision History

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Date Description
14 August 2019 First release of this document - SmartConsole Build 08

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