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Security Management upgrade from R77.x to R80.x fails with "Failed to upgrade main database" error Technical Level
  • R77.x Security Management fails to upgrade to R80.x with the following errors in migrate-<date>.log:
     [runShellCommand] Execution result: 1, exit code: -1
     [DbUpgrader::ExecuteCpdb] ERR: cpdb completed with error code '-1'
     ...< -- DbUpgrader::ExecuteCpdb
     ..< -- DbUpgrader::UpgradeMainDatabase
    [DbUpgrader::exec] ERR: Failed to upgrade main database
  • cpm_for_cpdb-<date>.elg file shows:

    ERROR dle.aspects.LockAspect [qtp-52734503-94]: failed to release lock
    trying to release a @Lock while the lock wasn't acquired before, lock id:publish', errorCode='CP_ERR_ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT', errorFamily='null', messageForUser='null',
    message='trying to release a @Lock while the lock wasn't acquired before, lock id:publish'}

  • cpm_for_cpdb-<date>.elg file shows:

    ERROR coresvc.internal.SerializationContextImpl [qtp-52734503-98]: FATAL ERROR: database corruption! encountered fwset
    ERROR coresvc.internal.SerializationContextImpl [qtp-52734503-98]: Failed to deserialize object '' of class
    INFO coresvc.internal.FwsetFixerManager [qtp-52734503-98]: Trying to fix with class name com.checkpoint.objects.classes.dummy.CpmiUser
    ERROR coresvc.internal.FwmSvcImpl [qtp-52734503-98]: Exception from running fromFwset WITH DEBUG. Skipping update - FIX THE DESERIALIZE!!!
    error: Failed to deserialize object '' of class com.checkpoint.objects.classes.dummy.CpmiUser. set: .
    Error: CpmGeneralException{base=' Encountered bad CPMI reference without UID and complete object / table info.

  • upgrade_from_fwm_on_domain_<date>.elg file shows:

    INFO [main] - Working on install status for target 'afe2f137-bcf8-4498-9c61-8fe2d8d770d9'
    INFO [main] - Found the following status: Status[policy: Standard, product: PS, installDate: Mon Feb 11 07:52:02 IST 2019]
    INFO [main] - Found the following status: Status[policy: Standard, product: FW1, installDate: Fri Feb 15 15:15:14 IST 2019]
    INFO [main] - Adding 2 statuses for the target
    INFO [main] - Completed install statuses upgrade
    INFO [main] - Rule error summary: 0 errors were encountered
    INFO [main] - closing upgrade from fwm server
    Exception in thread "main" com.checkpoint.web_services.faults.GeneralRemoteFault: An internal error has occurred.
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(

Section of the R77.X database that contains admin/admins is corrupted.

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