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Fail to upgrade Multi-Domain Management in High Availability from R80.20.M1 or R80.20.M2 to R80.30 Technical Level
  • Failure when upgrading Multi-Domain Servers in High Availability from R80.20.M1 or R80.20.M2 with Advanced Upgrade, where one of the target R80.30 Multi-Domain Servers has a different IP address than the source.

A Special JSON file was not used as described in R80.30 Installation and Upgrade Guide, so upgrade failed on High Availability sync.

Every upgraded Multi-Domain Management server should have used a special JSON configuration file that describes the names and new IPs of the migrated Multi Domain Servers.
When there is an error in the file, or one of the Multi-Domain Management servers have been upgraded without the file, the upgrade will fail.

  1. If one of the Multi-Domain Management servers has been successfully upgraded, log-in with SmartConsole to the MDS domain and check the IPs of all Multi-Domain Management servers.

  2. If one of the new IPs is wrong, run the following:
    /opt/CPupgrade-tools-<TargetVersion>/scripts/ -name <SecondaryMdsName> -ipAddress4 <NewIpAddress>

* Note: Use a relevant upgrade tools path according to target version. For example:
/opt/CPupgrade-tools-R80.30/scripts/ -name SecondaryMds -ipAddress4

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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