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Learning Mode to Best Practice Methodology Technical Level


This SK will describes the Learning mode to Best practice methodology for your organization.

At the end of the process you will be able to apply the Best Practice configuration while tailoring the solution to the organizational needs and maximizing the security effectiveness with minimal overhead to IT and Users experience

What is learning mode?

Learning mode methodology is the way to begin the utilization a Check Point Solution with minimal to no impact on business continuity or user experience. For users it will be as close to transparent solution with minimal to no interruptions. The organization, on the other hand, will gain a much higher level of visibility and understanding a will be able to perform manual operations.

Learning mode methodology allows organizations to learn the security value of the Check Point solution while reducing the impact and user experience it will have when moving to best practice configuration.

Learning mode also helps IT and security teams to tailor the Check Point solution to the organizational needs, before it is fully deployed. Doing this will minimize the overhead to the IT and security teams and will create minimal to no impact on users experience.

What is Best Practice?

Best practice is the recommended security starting point for the organization. It enforces high level of security, while providing good performance, user experience and critical business continuity. From this starting point, every organization will maximize the solution to their needs.

Tailor Mode - Maximize Solution Utilization for the organization

Since best practice is only the starting point, the next phase for every organization is to tailor the solution according to the organizational needs. It is based on the following: organizational defense strategy, assets importance and value mapping, users experience impact and overall team size and load.

Tailor mode will be different between organizations, and requires a deep level understanding of the solution capabilities, management capabilities and operational capabilities while taking into account the IT/Security team size and load. The tailor mode procedure will allow organizations to maximize the Check Point Solution Security efficiency while maintaining a high level of operational and business continuity.


Refer to the below list of SKs for specific solution methodology and step by step configuration

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