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Check Point 16000 and 26000 Appliances

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Key Features
  • Downloads
  • Known Limitations
  • Documentation

For more information, see the Check Point 16000 Appliances and 26000 Appliances Product Pages.
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Introduction to Check Point 16000 and 26000 Appliances

Check Point Appliances pioneer Gen V Cyber Security equipped with Intel's latest multi-core technologies, increased encrypted traffic inspection performance, and lightning fast networking technologies - all optimized to provide the highest security effectiveness and performance for mid to large size enterprise security networks.

Strengthening Check Point Infinity Architecture, the new 16000 and 26000 series appliances deliver consolidation and security across any network, cloud, and mobile environment with full threat visibility and control.

Ready to battle any threat, from small to the fifth generation large scale and multi-vector attacks, our security gateways provide superior threat prevention and a unified security management. Check Point 16000 and 26000 Next Generation Firewalls combine the most comprehensive protections with data center-grade security and hardware to maximize uptime and performance for securing large enterprise and Data Center environments.


Key Features

  • Modular platforms supporting up to 72 virtual cores
  • Redundant storage devices and AC power supplies
  • Wide variety of network interfaces, ranging from 1GbE copper & fiber 1GbE to 100GbE interfaces
  • Prevent Known and Zero-day Threats - Zero-day protection offering network security with evasion-resistant malware detection and complete protection from the most advanced attacks, ensuring quick delivery of safe content to users
  • Boost security performance with the Turbo model's extra security power
  • Hyperscale ready enabling Enterprise protection with up to 1 Tera-bps of Threat Prevention Performance



To download this package you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Download Package Link
Check Point R80.30 with Gaia 3.10  (ISO)




Known Limitations

ID Symptoms
- Connecting the 4 port 10G (CPAC-4-10F-C) to a Cisco 5K switch series requires disabling of Link Layer Discover Protocol (LLDP) for the relevant port on the switch. For more information, refer to Cisco Bug: CSCvr25786 and sk117676.
- Stand-Alone deployment is not supported. 
- Connеctivity upgrade is not supported. 
- Falcon Acceleration Cards are not supported.
When running the Hardware Diagnostic options of the RMA tool, "ipsctl_get_family_id:received error" messages may appear. These error messages can be safely ignored.
GAIA-3490 10GbE i40e NICs determine their link-speed based on the type of connected transceiver (1G ot 10G) and cannot be changed manually.
GAIA-4359 The 1GB x 4ports NIC (CPAC-4-1F-C) is not compatible with the CiscoNexus9k 93180YC-EX switch.
GWAPP-244 There is no alert when only one power supply unit is used in a 26000 appliance. These appliances are designed to work with at least 2 power supply units. 
GWAPP-301 In some scenarios, there may be a sensor access collision error as both the LOM and x86 access the same BUS. 
GWAPP-327 In some instances, when inserting an 8 port 1G card into the appliance slots, the card is not properly inserted into the expansion slot. It can miss the mating connector in the rear of the appliance's I/O slot.
Make sure the card is firmly inserted on all sides, clicks into position, and that the NIC panel is flat against the appliance's front panel. 


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