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R80.20 Management image updates FAQ Technical Level

In order to improve user experience, Check Point updates the latest Management images with recommended fixes.
The new Management image (Take 117) contains several fixes and enhancements that apply to the First Time Configuration Wizard, Upgrade process and Initial Installation process.

New Image is relevant for:

  • New customers
  • Customers that would like to install new R80.20 Management server version
  • Customers that would like to upgrade their setups from Check Point R80.x and pre-R80 versions to R80.20

For log of all changes including file names and MD5, refer to R80.20 File Revision History

List of resolved issues

R80.20 Management image Take 117 - released on June 13th, 2019;  became General Availability on July 10th, 2019

ID Fixes included into the new R80.20 Management image Take 117
PMTR-29670  Upgrade of the Primary Multi-Domain Server from R80.10 fails when its Global Domain is in Standby mode. Refer to sk143892.

Management Server upgrade from R80.10 to R80.20 fails in these scenarios: 

  • There are Threat Emulation settings, which remained from Security Gateway objects that were already removed.
  • There are Threat Emulation settings, which are configured in the cluster member objects and not in the cluster object.
Refer to sk150793.
Improved duration of Multi-Domain Server upgrade from R80.10.
PMTR-23226 R80.20 Pre-Upgrade Verifier executed on a Multi-Domain Server incorrectly fails with "Security Gateway object must have a valid value in the 'SD_profile' field " message.
PMTR-33974 In some scenarios, upgrade from R80.10 fails due to "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" exception.
PMTR-25290 In some scenarios, Advanced Upgrade fails with different errors due to NULL pointer exception check.
  • Upgrading Multi-Domain Servers in High Availability to R80.20 may fail with synchronization errors when a Domain exists on primary Multi-Domain Server but does not exist on secondary Multi-Domain Server, or when a Domain exists only in Secondary Multi-Domain Server (no High Availability in Domain level).
  • High Availability synchronization fails on Multi-Domain Server level after Domain deletion or after updating licenses or contracts in SmartUpdate.
Refer to sk151072.
PMTR-35839 In some scenarios, Multi-Domain Management Server backup taken while processes are up might contain inconsistent registry file under $CPDIR/registry directory.
PMTR-24005 Remote Access users configured with Pre-Shared Secret Key (PSK) cannot connect after upgrade from R77.x.
PMTR-25778 When using Global VPN Community with permanent tunnel gateways list (matrix / permanent tunnel gateways), upgrade from R7x fails.
PMTR-27655 Values updated in resourceProfiles files to handle high CPU utilization for "Java" process (described in sk123417) are not resistant and get overridden after Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator installation or backup/restore or export/import procedures.
PMTR-32129 Added 'pigz' and 'unpigz' binaries for improved performance in mds_backup/mds_restore.


  • R80.20 GA is already installed on server. Is an upgrade to the new image required now?

    No, customers that installed the previously released R80.20 image (Take 101) are not required to install this new Management image (Take 117).
    R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take 80 and above are compatible to (can be installed on) this new image.
    Note that Check Point recommends to install the most recent General Availability Jumbo HFA. 
  • What Jumbo HFA Take can be installed on top of R80.20 image?

    R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take 80 and above are compatible with (can be installed on) this new Management image.
    Note: fixes for PMTR-37581 and PMTR-25290 are not included in this image and therefore are not available in case of Advanced upgrade with Jumbo HFA Take 80. These fixes are included in the R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take 87.
  • What R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take is included in this new image?

    The R80.20 Jumbo HFA does not include in the new Management images (Take 117). Customers who want to obtain the latest fixes, should install the relevant Jumbo HFA Take as mentioned in the previous question.
  • Can the most recent R80.20 image be used to restore backup taken on a previous R80.20 image?

    Yes, it can be safely restored, even if you had hotfixes installed on the previous R80.20 image.
  • Can Management HA work on servers with different R80.20 images installed?

    Starting from Jumbo HFA Take 87, Management High Availability is supported between Management High Availability servers with different build numbers. Prerequisite to enable this option is installation R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take 87 on both servers.
  • Can the most recent R80.20 Management image (Take 117) manage the recommended Security Gateway image?

    Yes, the Security Gateway image (Take 101) was not changed and can be managed by the new Management image (Take 117) and the old Management image.
  • Where to download the previous R80.20 images?

    All the original R80.20 images are available below:

    File name / CPUSE Identifier Date Take Download
    Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Security_Management.iso 25 Sep 2018 101 (ISO)
    Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_Security_Management.tgz  25 Sep 2018 101 (TGZ)

    Note: To download some of the packages you need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.
  • How to find out what take is installed on the machine?

    From clish, run the show version all or ver command, that displays the take number as appears in R80.20 Release Notes Build numbers table.

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