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False Multi-Domain Server environment Sync problems Technical Level
  • "peer <name> failed to synchronized me" message appears in Multi-Domain Server HA window although machines are successfully synced.

  • SmartConsole shows from the MDS GUI:

    Sync failed: From XXXXXXXXX to YYYYYYYYY.
    To resolve the problem, please connect to another server, and perform a manual sync on this server

  • Manual full sync resolves the issue momentarily, then the problem comes back after some time.
  • After turning on TRACE for topic HA on the machine with the error status:

    $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ -t HA -s TRACE

    You can see lines in cpm.elg that show 'syncing=false', as in the following output:

    DD/MM/YY HH:MM:SS,MS TRACE internal.ha.HaStatusMgr [qtpxxxx-xxxx]: peerStatus: HaPeerStatus{fwmErrorMsg='''', syncedByMeStatus=
    HaSyncStatus{syncState=Ok, communicating=true, lastSeen=Thu Apr 11 14:51:28 BST 2019, syncing=false, lastSuccessfulSync=DDD MMM DD HH:MM:SS XXX YYYY}...


The status was not updated correctly after a recent full sync.

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