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Secondary MDS or Primary/Secondary MLM randomly goes into "Disconnected" state Technical Level
  • On the Multi-Domain Management SmartConsole, either one of the secondary MDS or any one of the MLM is shown in "Disconnected" state although all services are running, and connectivity between the devices are also good.

  • The $MDS_FWDIR/log/cpm.elg file shows:

    WARN coresvc.internal.TransactionAwareMapCleaner [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-3]: Min transaction id hangs on 600 minutes (current min is 334110853 and prev is 334110853)

  • IPS purge results in "Timeout error" error.


Error in $MDS_FWDIR/log/cpm.elg file is caused by this groovy script: $MDS_TEMPLATE/scripts/IpsDomainFilesCleanup.groovy

This groovy script deletes the audit logs of the IPS domain and uploads empty files instead of the IPS package and the inspect files of the unused IPS versions in order to free space in the DB.

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