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Missing / incorrect licenses in "Licenses & Contracts" view of SmartUpdate Technical Level
  • Licenses are missing / incorrectly displayed in the Licenses & Contracts view in SmartUpdate on the MDS level.
  • Duplicates of licenses appear that cannot be deleted in GUI or in GUIDBedit.
  • The user cannot attach contracts and licenses to SmartUpdate with the following error: "Object contain invalid reference".
  • "Could not fetch contract from the Check Point User Center" , there is connectivity to usercenter. SmartConsole updated with the right contract.
  • Licenses that are imported to one domain will appear in all other domains.
  • Licenses are displayed in one domain as attached, and in other domains as unattached.
  • Licenses are displayed with "No contracts" even though there are contracts attached to the licenses.
  • The user cannot delete licenses which appear as unattached.
  • Attaching contracts and licenses via .XML fails with the following error: "Operation failed".
  • Incorrect information is displayed in the has contracts column in SmartUpdate.

A change in the configuration of the licenses table in the Security Management Server causes the incorrect display of data.

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