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"Upgrade to this version is prohibited. Use clean install" CPUSE notification Technical Level
  • "Upgrade to this version is prohibited. Use clean install" notification is displayed when the upgrade package is imported via CPUSE Gaia portal, while the same package in other servers/environments can be imported successfully.

  • The following messages can be seen in the DeploymentAgent.log file:

    "There is no ngm upgrade conditions set, but we temporarily decide to allow upgrade with old upgrade tools"

    [HIGH DALOG_NORMAL]: Verifier results for package Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_Security_Management.tgz (Check Compatibility return value 0): Verifier results
    Package: R80.20 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Management

    Clean Install: Installation is allowed.
    Upgrade: Upgrade is allowed

    [DATE TIME][..]:nice -n 19 gtar -zxvf /var/log/CPda/metadata/CheckPoint#Major#All#6.0#4#9#R80.20_Mgmt/Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_Security_Management_METADATA.tgz -C /var/log/CPda/metadata/CheckPoint#Major#All#6.0#4#9#R80.20_Mgmt/tmp/ 1>/dev/null 2>&1
    command summary:
    Return code = 2
    Output = [DATE TIME][...][HIGH DALOG_NORMAL]: Major_check::load configuration failed - can't validate package.

When importing the new upgrade package via CPUSE Online - "Check for Updates" the package metadata became corrupted during the download, therefore CPUSE cannot extract it and prohibit the upgrade/installation.

Checking the files in the metadata folder by running "ls -hlart /var/log/CPda/metadata/" shows that the files size is 0.

For example  /var/log/CPda/metadata/CheckPoint#Major#All#6.0#4#9#R80.20_Mgmt/Check_Point_R80.20_T101_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade_Security_Management_METADATA.tgz)

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