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Managing the Email Notification Policy on the Security Management Portal (SMP) Technical Level

This article will show you how to manage the Email Notification Policy via the Security Management Portal (SMP). 

The feature is available on cloud SMP (R12.30) with SMB Gateway firmware R77.20.86 and higher.

According to the notification policy, the SMP sends an email with a notification regarding each Gateway alert or event. The
notification policy can be configured on the SMP Plan level and applied to all Gateways that are assigned to the plan, or on the SMP Gateway level (after the Gateway is unlocked from the plan). 

When the notification policy is activated, the list of notifications is configured, and the notification recipients list is defined, the registered recipients will start receiving notifications in their mailboxes.

You can configure the following notification categories:

  • Security Alert
  • Networking Events
  • Operational Events

The Email Notification Policy can be configured via the SMP web UI or via the Gateway's CLI commands. 


  1. There are no retries on sending s notification: the Gateway sends the web service only once. 
  2. Fetch settings: If clish commands were defined on the Gateway, the SMP notifications will override the Gateway settings once the Gateway fetches the SMP settings.  
  3. There is no web UI (only CLI) on the Gateway side. 
  4. The email notification functionality is available only for SMB Gateways that are connected to cloud SMP. 

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