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Newly created users cannot log in to R80.20 SmartView WebUI, "Invalid username and password" error Technical Level
  • After installing R80.20 Jumbo HFA Take 33, newly created users cannot log in to the local SmartView WebUI, receiving the "Invalid username and password" error regarding the permission level set to the user.

  • The SmartView.log shows:

    DATE TIME,PID INFO 1y2nllx781anvcxpsjh1gxrpy [qtp76312109-23] ( - Authenticating user: <user name>
    DATE TIME,PID ERROR 1y2nllx781anvcxpsjh1gxrpy [qtp76312109-23] ( - Failed to login user: <user name> Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"adminLdapInfo").

New users are created with a new field that does not appear on SmartView.

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