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Comparison between R76SP.50 and R80.20SP

This is a comparison between R76SP.50 and R80.20SP releases.

Core Features

Feature/Command R76SP.50 R80.20SP Comments
Security groups administration asg security_group add smo security-group  
First Time Wizard setup from command line Web UI  
SGM administration asg sgm_admin g_clusterXL  
Real-time traffic profile monitoring asg_profile
History asg_archive
Alternative: CPview History mode per SGM
License - Plug-n-play license 180 days 15 days  
cpconfig g_cpconfig
Gaia OS replacement as in R80.20
SNMP Default: SNMPv2 Default: SNMPv3  
4 x SSMs (Dual-Dual Star) deployment

Connecting / Navigating to a specific SGM  blade <blade_string>

# member [<chassis_id>_]<sgm_id>

# m [<chassis_id>_]<sgm_id>



Advanced Features

Feature/Command R76SP.50 R80.20SP Comments
Policy-based routing (PBR) For SGW only 
The Pingable Hosts State event type in the "asg alert"  
The Check Point Performance Sizing Utility 'cpsizeme' (sk88160)  
ISP redundancy

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)

LTE support asg_lte_config
SPAN port configuration asg_span_port
Gaia OS replacement as in R80.20
ABXOR bond  
Layer4 CoreXL

Gaia OS replacement as in R80.20. Refer to sk105261

F2F Quota (asg_f2fq)  
SPI Affinity Replaced by VPN multicore
SPI Distribution

Non Sticky SA mode

Gaia OS replacement as in R80.20
Fast acceleration  
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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