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Full synchronization fails with peer "[Peer Name] NGM failed to import data" error Technical Level
  • Multi-Domain Management (or Security Management) full synchronization fails with this error:
    "Full sync with peer '[Peer Name]' NGM failed to import data"

  • The $FWDIR/log/cpm.elg file on the Management Server contains one of these lines:

    • AssertionError has been caught: There are invalid assignments on peer
    • ERROR coresvc.internal.WorkSessionMgmtSvcImpl [XXX]: Tried to get a non existing session , Couldn't find it in database
  • The "Global domain assignment check" test in the CPM Doctor report shows the "ERROR" status.

  • SmartConsole crashes when loading one or more policies.

  • Application Control and IPS fails to update the signatures.

  • "Failed to get DB object." error when opening Application Control update or IPS update in SmartConsole.

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