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Configure CloudGuard Dome9 SNS Events Integration Technical Level

Configure CloudGuard Dome9 SNS Events Integration

This how-to article explains how to connect your CloudGuard Dome9 events feed into an AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service) topic under your control. This will send Dome9 system messages to an SNS feed. You can also configure Dome9 to send Compliance or Log.ic findings to an SNS feed; see here for details on how to set this up.

An intro post can be found here.

To set this up, you will have access to both AWS and CloudGuard Dome9 consoles.


  1. Sign in to the AWS console, and navigate to the SNS. Select Topics in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click Create topic.

  3. Enter a name and description for the topic (for example, Dome9-SNS).

  4. Scroll down to the Access Policy section, and expand it.

  5. In the Define who can publish messages to the topic section, select Only the specified AWS accounts. Add the AWS account number, 634729597623, and then click Create topic.

  6. Copy the ARN for the SNS.

  7. Sign in to the Dome9Console and select the Account Settings page in the Administration menu. Select the SNS integration tab.

  8. Click ENABLE.

  9. In the modal window, enter the SNS topic ARN (from step 6, above), and then click SAVE.

How to create an SNS Subscription

After you create an SNS topic, you must add subscriptions in order to integrate the information to any required endpoints. See here for details how to set up subscriptions for AWS SNS Topics.


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