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When Multiple Factor Authentication is configured with DynamicID , VPN clients receive 4 password prompts Technical Level
  • When Multiple Factor Authentication is configured for Remote Access VPN, VPN clients are prompted for the password four times:
    • Prompt 1 asks for the username and password.
    • Prompt 2 asks for the password again.
    • Prompt 3 asks if the user wants to receive the DynamicID via SMS or Email.
    • Prompt 4 asks for the DynamicID that was sent via SMS or Email.
    • An additional password prompt is also displayed.
  • vpnd.elg debug will show the following lines:
    [MSGOBJ] msg_obj_serialize: buffer too small (1041 < 1084)
    [MSGO] MsgObj_ser: Input buffer is too small for operation
The buffer of the message were too small to fit the whole message.
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