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How to create an AWS SNS Subscription Technical Level

How to create an AWS SNS Subscription

After you create an AWS SNS topic, you must add subscriptions in order to integrate the information to an endpoint.

  1. In AWS, navigate to the SNS page, then select the SNS topic to which the new subscription will be added.
  2. Under Subscriptions click on Create subscription.
  3. Select the protocol for the subscription, from the list.  For example, select Email.
  4. Enter details for the endpoint that will receive the subscription. For example, for type email, the endpoint is the email address.
  5. Click Create subscription. The subscription is pending until confirmed. In the case of an email subscription, an email is sent to the endpoint address, which must be confirmed. After the confirmation, the subscription will be confirmed.

Note - No SNS will be sent to a subscription that it is not confirmed.

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