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Configure email notifications for CloudGuard Dome9 events

Configure email notifications for CloudGuard Dome9 events

CloudGuard Dome9 records events in the audit log for events that take place, such as logins, changes to entities, etc. These events can also be sent as emails to CloudGuard Dome9 users. You can configure personal settings for this, to send selected issues to your email address.

Once configured, a separate email is sent for each event as it occurs. The event is also recorded in the audit log.

Configure email notifications

  1. Navigate to the My Settings page, in the user menu (upper right corner).

  2. Select the Email Notifications tab. In each of the categories in the page, select the events for which you wish to receive an email notification.

  3. For the Network Security and IAM Safety categories, you can also select specific accounts, for which the emails will be issued. Click , and then select the accounts (initially, all are selected).

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