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How to associate User Center acquired contracts with a CloudGuard SaaS account Technical Level

In order to activate acquired CloudGuard SaaS contracts (licenses), end users should bind their contracts to their portal account. End users are required to bind their User Center (UC) account, which holds the contracts, to their CloudGuard SaaS account, which scans their SaaS resources. 


Step 1: Log into your CloudGuard SaaS Account

Log into your CloudGuard SaaS account here by providing your credentials. If you have not created a CloudGuard SaaS portal, you will need to first register and create one: click on the registration link below the login name and follow the on-screen instructions.   

Step 2: Go to the 'Contracts' Window

When you are inside the tenant's dashboard, open the Settings -> Contracts section. 

Here you will see your current account status (Active / Trial / Evaluation), your contract expiration date, and the number of licenses you have. Even if no contract was attached to this account before, you might still be in trial version and the expiration date will reflect the end of the trial period. 

When you double-click on the CloudGuard SaaS icon on this web page, the system will display the contracts that are currently attached to this specific tenant. 

Step 3: Go to the 'Manage Accounts' Window

Binding the organization's User-Center (UC) account to the CloudGuard SaaS account starts when you click on the top right button, named 'Associated Accounts'. The pop-up window will display the UC accounts already bound to the used CloudGuard SaaS tenant and will enable you to bind a new UC account. If you have never attached your UC account, this window will be empty. 

Step 4:  Go to the 'Attach Account' window

4a. Log into the User Center

In order to attach a new user center account, click on the 'Attach Account' button on the top right side of the window displayed in step # 3. A new window, called "Attach Account" will open, in which you will need to provide your User Center credentials. 

4b: Select Accounts

When you provide your credentials, the system will connect to the User Center and display the different accounts found under the authenticated User Center account. Choose the account that holds the contracts you wish to pull by marking the relevant check boxes. When you have marked the check boxes, click on Finish on the bottom right. 


Step 5: Go back to the 'Contracts" window  and make sure the chosen contracts were added to your account.

After you click on Finish, you will return to the 'Contracts' window. The CloudGuard SaaS icon should be updated according to the contract you chose in Step # 5. If you were in 'trial' mode, for example, and in step # 5 you chose a new commercial contract, you will probably now see an 'Active' indication. Your expiration date will be updated according to the commercial license, and the number of contracts mentioned will increase, as well.  

Finally, click on the CloudGuard SaaS icon to see the list of associated contracts and among them your new contract.  


Step 6: Configure group-filter on Office365 exchange online or G-suite gmail

In order to make sure we scan the resources you want per the amount of licenses you've purchased go to CloudGuard SaaS app-store menu and configure group filter on your relevant application.

6a) open app-store in Threat-Prevention-->config-->cloud App-store

6b) If you are using Office365 Exchange press on the configure button next to its icon, if you are using G-suite press on Gmail configure button next to its icon

OFFICE365 Exchange


6c) Press on "configure group filter" and choose the groups you would like to scan


Finish this step by pressing "OK";

From now on your licenses are attached to the account and the system will scan only the members of the groups you have purchased your licenses for. 


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