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Create Custom CloudGuard Dome9 GSL rule using the Rule Builder Technical Level

Create Custom GSL rule using the Rule Builder

CloudGuard Dome9 allows for you to create your own custom rules. Here is how to access the GSL Rule Builder to create your own custom rule:

  1. In the Dome9 UI, navigate to the GSL Builder page in the Posture Management menu.
  2. Select the cloud platform for the rule, and leave Builder selected. This option selects the interactive graphical rule builder editor. (With the other option, Free text, you enter text for the rule directly). 
  3. To begin creating your new rule, select the entity on which the rule will run, from the list of entities on the page. For example, select S3Bucket.

  4. Continue building your rule by selecting the action for the entity, from the list of choices (should have, should not have, where). Choose should have for rules testing for the existence of a particular property, and should not have for rules testing for properties that should not exist (for example, inbound rules that are open to the public).
  5. Select a property from the list of properties (for the selected entity).
  6. Click TEST to run your rule. Select the account, region, and VPC on which to run it. The results are shown after a few seconds.

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