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Add Custom Role for CloudGuard Dome9 team members Technical Level

Add Custom Role for CloudGuard Dome9 team members

You can add multiple custom roles with their own access levels in CloudGuard Dome9.

Here is how to add a custom role:

  1. In the Dome9 dashboard menu, select Users & Roles and navigate to 'Roles'
  2. In the upper right of the page, select '+ Add Role'
  3. Provide a name and description for your custom role
  4. The role should be created successfully
  5. Now you need to add your team members that you would like to the role you created. Click on the role that you would like to add team member(s) to. Under 'Members' select 'Add User'
  6. Use the drop down menu to select or start typing to search for a team member to add to the role
  7. Add permissions that the specific role user should have by clicking 'edit' under Permissions
  8. Select the desired permissions that you would like for the role user to have
  9. Click Save when done
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