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Getting Started with CloudGuard Dome9 Technical Level

Getting Started with CloudGuard Dome9

Connect to your cloud environment

  Log into CloudGuard Dome9 Console    
  Add Cloud Accounts (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)

  Define Users and Roles

View and verify assets

  View and verify Protected Assets

Secure your public cloud infrastructure with Dome9

  View and verify network topology hierarchy with Clarity

  View and verify Security Groups

  View and verify VPC flow logs  

  View and verify asset access control with Dynamic Access Leases

  View and verify user and role access control rules with IAM Safety  

  View and manage Alerts

  View and manage System Notifications      
  View Audit Trail


Compliance with CloudGuard Dome9

  Review Standard Compliance Bundles

  Create a Rule with the Compliance Engine

  Run a Report with the Compliance Engine    
  Review Policy Reports

  Setup Continuous Compliance

Integration with CloudGuard Dome9

 Integrate Single Sign-On with CloudGuard Dome9  

  Install the CloudGuard Dome9 mobile app  

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