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RADIUS/TACACS+ users fail to change the default admin password when running the First Time Wizard
  • The built-in administrator configures RADIUS/TACACS+ server authentication on the device and grants a RADIUS/TACACS+ user permission to run the First Time Wizard.
  • RADIUS/TACACS+ user navigates to the page "Authentication Details" and changes the default admin password. Changing the default admin password does not take effect after finishing the First Time Wizard.
  • The built-in administrator gets the message "Access denied" when being authenticated with the new password.

The First Time Wizard is configured to change the password of the logged-in user instead of the password of the built-in administrator.


Solution 1

  1. Login to the WebUI as a built-in administrator.

  2. Run the wizard to complete the first time configuration of the system.

Solution 2

  1. Login to the console as a RADIUS/TACACS+ user, or built-in administrator.

  2. Login to Clish.
  3. Change the default admin password:

    Hostname> set user admin password

  4. Save the configuration:

    Hostname> save config

  5. Login to the WebUI as a RADIUS/TACACS+ user.
  6. Run the wizard to complete the first time configuration of the system.

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