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Indexing performance issue due to lea_session consuming high CPU Technical Level
  • High amount of log indexing is observed when multiple lea_session processes run in the background.

    Average logging rate is 2.5k~~
    Average indexing rates of the offline logs are 32k~~

  • Spikes in CPU and system interrupts by the lea_session processes that lasted 30 seconds and have occurred periodically every 3 minutes.

  • All lea_session processes have had CPU spikes (100% CPU with high system interrupts) at the same time, this is because they have all started at the same time.

The periodic operation that is causing the spikes is "collect log files list". During the time the lea_session processes are at 100%, Solr can handle less logs.
In some cases we have seen that while a Lucene Merge was running (not every time), and the CPU / system interrupts spiked, Solr has stopped receiving new logs, until the CPU and system interrupts has dropped back to normal.

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