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Anti-Malware cannot update signatures from Endpoint Security Server Technical Level
  • After the user installs E80.89.5086 and above with the Anti-Malware blade, the virus Database signatures are not updated.

  • This error appears in %programdata%\CheckPoint\Logs\AntiMalwareBlade.log:

    DATE TIME [] t:0x1420 [PATH\dafdaproxy.cpp](391) AntiMalware.EpamDafDaAdaptor.DafDaProxy [ERROR] DafAdaptor error=0x80580005 Message=DownloadFileEx call failed
    DATE TIME [] t:0x1420 [PATH\dafdaproxy.cpp](1195) AntiMalware.EpamDafDaAdaptor.DafDaProxy [ERROR] DownLoadFileEx failed. Error = 0x80580005
    DATE TIME [] t:0x2658 [PATH\updater.cpp](1071) AntiMalware.Updater.Updater [INFO] 'compatibility.txt' file failed, assume server is incompatible
    DATE TIME [] t:0x2658 [PATH\updater.cpp](967) AntiMalware.Updater.Updater [INFO] Detected EPS server with incompatible AM Signatures, skipping it
    DATE TIME [] t:0x2658 [PATH\updater.cpp](775) AntiMalware.Updater.Updater [ERROR] Failed Calculate The Source Settings
    DATE TIME [] t:0x1438 [PATH\updater.cpp](425) AntiMalware.Updater.Updater [INFO] Update operation finished, result UCR_SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE(0)

  • During the installation/upgrade process of the Endpoint Security client to version E81.10 and above, this error appears:
    Error code 26811: Installation cannot continue: Endpoint Security Server does not support Anti-Malware signatures update. Please see sk141033.

    Important Note: sk141033 script is updated periodically. If you ran the script previously and you are getting this error, download the latest version of the script which is available in sk141033 and perform it again.

Update your server's Anti-Malware updater with the newest supported virus Database components.


Do this procedure on all Endpoint Security Management servers and Policy servers:

  1. Download the Anti-Malware Updater Configuration file (sk141033.tgz).
  2. Copy the file to any location on the Endpoint Security Server and run this command: tar -xf sk141033.tgz
  3. Enter the Rxx folder to which the files were extracted.
  4. Run: ./
  5. Wait until the server is updated. You can initiate the update manually (SmartEndpoint --> Tools --> Anti Malware Updates --> Check for updates now button). It takes time until the server downloads and installs new updates.
  6. Wait until the client is updated. You can click Update Now on the Endpoint Security client GUI.
    Note: The update process takes some time.
  7. Make sure the clients are updated: Check SmartEndpoint --> Reporting tab- -> Anti Malware --> Anti-Malware Updated On (check the DAT Signature version).


  • In R80.20, by default, the Signatures update service is not installed on the Endpoint Management Server. To install it, do the instructions in sk127074.
  • For R80.30, the Signatures update service is not installed on the Endpoint Management Server. Install it from CPUSE (WebUI).

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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