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Quantum Scalable Chassis R80.20SP Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New Scalable Chassis R80.20SP
  • Downloads
  • Installation instructions
  • Documentation
  • Revision History
For more information on Check Point releases see: release map, upgrade map, backward compatibility map.
For more information on Scalable Chassis R80.20SP, see:

What's New in Scalable Chassis R80.20SP

  • Performance Enhancements

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    • HTTPS Inspection performance improvements.
    • Acceleration remains active during policy installation.
    • CoreXL Dynamic Dispatcher support.


    • Significant boost to Virtual Systems performance, utilizing up to 32 CoreXL FW instances per VS.
    • CoreXL Dynamic Dispatcher support: Packets are processed by different FW worker (FWK) instances based on the instance load.
  • Advanced Threat Prevention

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    • Enhanced configuration and monitor abilities for Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) in SmartConsole for handling malicious mails.
    • Automatic download of IPS updates by the Security Gateway.

    Threat Extraction

    • Threat Extraction support.

    HTTPS Inspection

    • Hardware Security Module (HSM) support: outbound HTTPS Inspection stores the SSL keys and certificates on a third party dedicated appliance.
    • Additional ciphers support for HTTPS Inspection (refer to sk104562).

    Mirror and Decrypt

    • Decryption and clone of HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
    • Forwarding traffic to a designated interface for mirroring purposes.
  • Clustering

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    • Improved clustering, traffic flow and correction layer infrastructures.
  • Access Policy

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    • Updatable Objects: New network objects that represent an external service such as Office 365, Amazon Web Services, Azure GEO locations, and more. Updatable objects can be used in the Source and Destination columns of an Access Control Policy. The objects are dynamically updated and kept up-to-date by the Security Gateway without your needing to install a policy.
    • Wildcard network object in Access Control that represents a series of non-sequential IP addresses.   
  • General Enhancements

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    Gaia Portal

    • Brand-new Web UI for chassis operating system. Gaia Portal lets you perform a First Time Configuration Wizard as on any other Check Point appliance running R80.20.

    ICAP Client

    • Integrated ICAP Client functionality.

    Command Line Interface

    • Improved user experience with updated Scalable Chassis specific commands.
    • Alignment of some commands to standard R80.20 Gaia OS syntax.


    • Multicore VPN support (refer to sk118097).


Product Download Package
R80.20SP for Scalable Chassis (ISO)


Installation Instructions

For installation instructions, refer to the R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Installation and Upgrade Guide.  


User Guides
Scalable Chassis Getting Started Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Release Notes
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Administration Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Installation and Upgrade Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Gaia Administration Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Next Generation Security Gateway Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis Performance Tuning Administration Guide
R80.20SP Scalable Chassis VSX Administration Guide
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Revision History

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Date Description
21 July 2022 Updated links to Administration Guides
30 June 2022 Updated the link to the Chassis Getting Started Guide
02 May 2021 Rebranded from "Scalable Platform" to "Scalable Chassis"
28 Aug 2019 Added download link to R80.20SP for Scalable Chassis.
15 July 2019  Link to Release map was replaced.
28 Feb 2019 First release of this document.

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