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Check Point Maestro R80.20SP Technical Level

Table of Contents:

  • Introductory Videos
  • Introduction
  • Downloads
  • Known Limitations
  • Documentation
  • Revision History

Introductory and Instructional Videos

Introducing Check Point Maestro | A Hyperscale Network Security Solution

Light Board Series: Maestro Sales Overview

LightBoard Series: Maestro Technical Deep Dive


Check Point Maestro brings the scale, agility and elasticity of the cloud on-premises with efficient N+1 clustering based on Check Point's HyperSync technology, thus maximizing the capabilities of your existing Security Gateways. Create your own virtualized private-cloud premise by stacking together multiple Check Point Security Gateways. Group them according to security feature set, policy, or the assets they protect, and virtualize them further with virtual systems technology.

With the Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator, businesses of all sizes can have cloud-level security on-premises. Add compute to meet your needs using Maestro Web UI or RESTful APIs, all while minimizing the risk of downtime and maximizing your cost efficiency.

Security at Hyperscale

Operational Supremacy

Cloud-Level Resiliency

On demand expansion available for
Security Gateways of all sizes 
Introduces new and simple ways to architect and
manage cyber security 
Delivering the highest standard of resiliency with
Telco-Grade Technology 



Product Download Package
R80.20SP for Maestro Appliances (ISO)

Known Limitations

Refer to sk148074 for Check Point Maestro Known Limitations. 


Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator Datasheet
Port Mapping for Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrators
User Guides
R80.20SP Maestro Release Notes
R80.20SP Maestro Quick Start Guide
R80.20SP Maestro Getting Started Guide
R80.20SP Maestro Administration Guide
R80.20SP Maestro Gaia Administration Guide
R80.20SP Maestro Next Generation Security Gateway Guide
R80.20SP Maestro Performance Tuning Administration Guide
R80.20SP Maestro VSX Administration Guide
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Revision History

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Date Description
29 April 2019 Added "Port Mapping for Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator MHO-170" datasheet
04 Apr 2019 Added three introductory and instructional videos.
28 Feb 2019 First release of this document. 

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