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Security Management upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20

Check Point has enhanced its Security Management upgrade process by creating a new mechanism.
The upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20 GA is done using the new management upgrade mechanism, which is expected to serve upgrades between future R8X versions (post R80.20).

The new Security Management Upgrade mechanism provides several benefits:

  • Allows faster general availability of new features by Check Point Security Management. 
  • Allows Check Point to introduce new features that are focused on the Security Management upgrade experience.
  • Basis for Domain Migration Tools for Multi-Domain customers. Tools such as per-domain export and import will be available later.
  • Security Management Servers with online access to will be able to fetch the latest available upgrade packages automatically, eliminating the need for an administrator to download and import upgrade packages manually.

Check Point is gradually rolling out a dedicated upgrade procedure that includes close monitoring by our engineers to support the upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20.

Customers running Security Management Server R80.20.M1 who wish to upgrade to R80.20, should contact Check Point Support with a request to upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20.


  1. Check Point Support responds to the ticket and asks the user to collect several inputs from the customer's Security Management Server.
  2. Check Point verifies offline that the customer's configuration is valid for an upgrade.
  3. Check Point approves the upgrade. If needed, customers may be asked to run additional steps prior to the upgrade.

This procedure is temporary and valid for the gradual rollout process. Later customers will not be asked to open a support ticket in order to run the upgrade. Once rollout process is completed, upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20 will have the same upgrade procedure as other upgrade paths.

Note that upgrade of Security Gateways, or Security Management Servers prior to R80.20.M1 (for example, R80.10, R77.30 and others) to R80.20, does not require Check Point engineers' involvement.

During the gradual rollout process, customers are advised not to upgrade from R80.20.M1 to R80.20 without consulting check Point Support

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