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Unable to delete unused IPS profile(s) from SmartConsole and/or GuiDBEdit tool Technical Level
  • The user is not able to delete an unused IPS profile from GuiDBedit and SmartConsole even after cloning it. (The profile has not been used in any profile or policy.)
  • When the user tries to delete the profile(s) from SmartConsole, the following error may appear:
    Execution error with Threat Prevention profile

  • When the user tries to delete the profile from GuiDBEdit tool, the following error may appear:
    Could not delete object. An internal error has occurred

  • Debug of FWM usermode process shows the following:
    	[FWM 3919 4036925888]@srv-dory[13 May 16:38:00] CCkpConfobjTableWsRemoteImpl::Delete: deleteObject failed for Comune_IPS from table am_profiles
    	[FWM 3919 4036925888]@srv-dory[13 May 16:38:00] CSrvObj::Delete - An internal error has occurred.
    	[FWM 3919 4036925888]@srv-dory[13 May 16:38:00] delete-object: Object Deletion Failed
    	[FWM 3919 4036925888]@srv-dory[13 May 16:38:00] cpmi_send_set: session=0xa1ed9c8, id=101, last=1, set=
    		:type (reply)
    		:subject (delete-object)
    		:seq (101)
    		:last (true)
    		:cpmi_cmd_status_code (-2147215964)
    		:cpmi_cmd_status_text ("An internal error has occurred.")
    		:status (ok)

  • Debug of CPM shows the following:
    ERROR dleserver.internal.EclipseLinkExceptionHandler [taskExecutor-8]: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: An I/O error occured while sending to the backend.
    ERROR dleserver.internal.EclipseLinkExceptionHandler [taskExecutor-8]: 
    ERROR internal.operation.OperationSvcImpl [taskExecutor-8]: caught exception 
    "java.lang.RuntimeException: an eclipse error has accured enable logging on EclipseLinkExceptionHandler to see full error; nested exception is javax.persistence.PersistenceException: java.lang.RuntimeException: 
    an eclipse error has accured enable logging on EclipseLinkExceptionHandler to see full error" 
    from class org.springframework.orm.jpa.JpaSystemException 
    ERROR dleserver.internal.EclipseLinkExceptionHandler [taskExecutor-8]: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This connection has been closed.
    ERROR dleserver.internal.EclipseLinkExceptionHandler [taskExecutor-8]: 
    ERROR coresvc.internal.ObjectStoreJpaTransactionManager [taskExecutor-8]: Spring failed to roll back transaction.
    ERROR transaction.aspectj.AnnotationTransactionAspect [taskExecutor-8]: Application exception overridden by rollback exception
    ERROR transaction.aspectj.AnnotationTransactionAspect [taskExecutor-8]: Failed to close transaction after throwing in a transactional method
    INFO threat.coresvc.ProfileOperationStatusNotificationProvider [taskExecutor-8]: Publishing ProfileOperationStatusNotificationProvider status FINISH
    ERROR management.threat.TpProfileManager$1 [taskExecutor-8]: Failed to execute Threat Prevention profile operation - General Exception

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