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Check Point Mobile Clients - iOS 12 support Technical Level

Mobile Applications Support for iOS 12

Capsule Connect

Supported in release 1.600.19 and higher.

Release Notes:

  • New Capsule Connect version (1.600.xx) has moved to a new iOS framework supporting iOS 12 and available from iOS 10.
  • The previous Capsule Connect version (1.524.9) is not supported on iOS 12 but can still be used on devices with older iOS versions if it was already installed in the past.
  • On iOS 12, previous Capsule Connect version (1.524.9) alerts the user to upgrade to the latest Capsule Connect version (1.600.31).
  • When using MDM and Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) sometimes need to re-push the VPN profile to be detected properly. More troubleshooting options available in sk136492.
  • Capsule Cloud is not supported in the new Capsule Connect version.
Capsule Workspace  Supported in release 1007.0.1 and higher.
Capsule Docs
 Supported in release 2.5.3 and higher.
SandBlast Mobile  Supported in release and higher.
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security  Supported in release 2.31 and higher.
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